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  • Kirstie Tebbs

Isolation, 2020, published in Book

My artwork Isolation, 2020, is published in The Postcard Project, 2020 book AVAILABLE TO ORDER. To order head to:

Isolation was inspired by Covid-19 and how isolating has caused a mass sense of loss of selves. The artwork will be available to purchase in 2021.

Isolation, 2020, inks and charcoal on 300sgm paper, A6

"ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... The Postcard Project. A book of postcard artworks reflecting on the year 2020. 
At the beginning of November 2020, and the start of the UK’s second national lockdown, ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... sent 200 postcards across the UK to 200 artists. These artists were invited to reflect on the year 2020 and create artwork directly onto the postcards. The 200 artists visualised their experiences, anxieties and triumphs throughout the year and each postcard presents a different perspective. The works share references to environmental, political and social issues, whilst reflecting highly personal responses to the news and world happenings during this very apocalyptic year. The postcards have a sense of urgency and are a call to action. With materials ranging from oil paints, watercolours, lino-printing, embroidery, collage and much more, this truly is a diverse, stimulating and exciting collection of works.
This book is A4 Landscape, and is 144 pages."
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